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Aptitude Test

Aptitude Test

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Section-Verbal AbilitySection-Logical Reasoning Section-Abstract ReasoningSection- Quantitative Aptitude
ArithmeticAdvance Maths
Reading ComprehensionCubes & DicePaper cutting & foldingAverageGeometry
ParajumblesBlood RelationsAnalogyBoat & StreamMensuration
Fill in the BlanksVisual ReasoningFigure formation & AnalysisCompound & Simple InterestData Interpretation
VocabularyNumber & Letter SeriesSeriesLCM & HCFTrigonometry
English GrammarSeating ArrangementCube & DiceMixture & AllegationDegree and Radian Measures, Histogram
Sentence CorrectionVenn DiagramsMirror ImagePartnershipStandard Identities
AnalogiesClocks & CalendarsWater ImagePercentagesComplementary angles
Facts / Inference /JudgementAnalytical ReasoningPattern CompletionPipes & CisternHeights and Distances
Critical ReasoningSyllogismCounting of figures.Problem on AgesHistogram
Profit loss & DiscountFrequency polygon
Ration ProportionBar diagram & Pie chart
Speed, time, and workPie Charts
Time work & wagesEquations
Simple/Compound InterestInequalities
Complex numbers
Line Graphs
Other Chart Types
Co-ordinate Geometry
Data Sufficiency
Surds & Indices
Number System

Paper Pattern

Section Short Information of Section Number of Questions Maximum Marks Time
Verbal Ability According to our English grammar skill, we have to solve the question. As per company policy
As per company policy As per company policy
Logical Reasoning We have to use day-to-day logic to solve the problems. As per company policy
As per company policy
Abstract Reasoning Few figures are given we have to find out the logic in the next figure. As per company policy
As per company policy
Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation Up to 10th math to be solved with some logic. As per company policy
As per company policy
General Knowledge & Technical Questions  Current affairs and Static GK & Branch wise (Mechanical, Civil, Computer/IT, Electrical and ENTC) As per company policy
As per company policy
As per company policy
Duration of exam 30 to 50 minutes in which we can switch one section to another unlimited time. You have to deiced which section you have to solve first. We will gate 45 sec to solve per question.
Eligibility As per company policy 
Age As per company policy
Mode of Exam Online/ Offline
Exam Medium English only
Type of question Multiple choice with 5 option choice.
Marking Scheme As per company policy

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